Rob Emery- Lead Guitar & Vocals
Alan Chan- Bass & Vocals
Sinehead Doug- Drums

The original Ragtag (above) disbanded in 2018.
Rob continues the band with new members.

This webpage is the last from that old band.

Upcoming Gigs:

Thurs. Apr 19, 2018-8pm

The original power trio!

147 Bleecker Street (between Thompson and LaGuardia)
New York City, NY 10012



The Jam NYC

Ragtag will be competing against other bands !

The Cutting Room

Date T.B.D. (spring sometime?)

44 E.32nd St, NYC



About the Band:

rag·tag \'rag,tag\(adj.) 1882
1.Shaggy or unkempt; ragged.
2.Diverse and disorderly in appearance or composition.
3.Decrepit; in poor condition; ramshackle.

Ragtag is a NYC based band. They combine High Energy Vocals and Funky Riffs with Hard Edged Rock. Ragtag plays original music(Rock, Funk & Blues) combined with a few covers(Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani etc.) to bolster their set.



phone: 917-846-5871 fax: 212-829-4991

Media Archive:

Pix from The Bitter End June 20, 2014 (photos by Linda Visser)
from Peggy O'Neill's Pub April 23, 2005
Pix from Three Jolly Pidgeons, Brooklyn - Sat. 8 Nov 2008
Pix from Le Bar Bat April 26, 2001


mp3 Believe.mp3-(12Mb) (R.Emery/M.Sierra)

mp3 Keep On Movin'.mp3-(5Mb) (R. Emery/M.Sierra)

mp3Not Long Ago.mp3
-(11Mb) (R. Emery/M.Sierra)

rec'd 21 May 2011 at 3 Jolly Pidgeons


My Sweet Blues.mp3-(6.3Mb) (R.Emery/M.Sierra)
with Filipe Higginson-harp

Can You Feel It.mp3-(5.6Mb) (R.Emery/M.Sierra)
rec'd 16 Oct 2008 at Ace of Clubs


Come On.mp3-(3.3Mb) (J.Hendrix)
rec'd 2001 at The Orange Bear

My Sweet Blues.mp4 (video clip)
rec'd at Tribeca Blues -NYC, 06 April 2001